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Presented by the L.A. County Beekeepers Association
Beekeepers Association of Southern California

This station is truly buzzing with fascinating facts about the important role of honeybees in our natural and urbanized worlds. Members of the Beekeeper Associations will have an observation beehive on display. Can you spot the Queen bee? Students learn why bees make honey, why they are needed in orchards, how to act around bees, how important it is to respect these wondrous creatures and how bees improve our quality of life.

The L.A. County Beekeepers Association was founded in El Monte, California in 1873 and is still buzzing with information. The association strives to promote the interest of bee culture and beekeeping within L.A. County through public education. The Beekeepers Association of Southern California was founded in 1980. Members work to keep bees healthy and happy.


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